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Garden Calendar

Our Garden Coordinator


Richelle Stoufer is our  Garden Coordinator. She grew up in Guerneville and graduated from Guerneville School. She brings lots of experience working with plants and with children. She worked in a college nursery program in Southern California, and in her children's classes in both Virginia, San Diego, and Washington State. In Virginia, she grew herbs to sell at the local farmer's market. She is doing a great job working with us and sharing her knowledge. She is the parent of a fifth grader. The garden is looking good! 


How Can I Help?

We are always happy to have volunteer help. You can help in many ways.

Contact Richelle to learn about garden work parties. They are usually on the first Saturday of the month, but if we have your email, you will get a personal invitation/reminder or be notified of cancellation.

You can also:

  • come out and weed/work in the garden
  • share a skill with the kids
  • share a skill with adults
  • come to the garden with your child's class
  • participate in a work party
  • participate in fundraiser

We accept tax deductible donations. Our funds are held by Friends of Guerneville School. Checks should be written to FOGS/GEO. They can be sent to the school c/o Kathy Smith.

Tammie Fraser Award


Tammie Fraser's support in large part allowed us to build the garden we now have. We will miss seeing her at our Spring Celebrations. Her memory will live on in the Luther Burbank Orchard dedicated to her several years ago. She has touched many lives through the children who have learned to love the garden as she did.

At our spring Celebration 2014, we honored her memory with the first annual Tammie Fraser Award given to a person who has affected the lives of children in a positive way. (We gave the award to Clark Wolf...Tammie would have been happy with our choice.) 


Our 2015 recipient was Donna Roper, former Executive Director of River to Coast Children's Services and long time garden supporter.



Our 2016 award went to Elaine Carlson. She has been a consistent supporter and retired this year as principal. She has shown a consistent commitment to the garden and the children of Guerneville School.

Russian River Rotary in the garden


Guerneville School Garden

SAVE the DATE!!!


Summer !

This year the garden will have a new look thanks to a grant from Sebastopol Rotary which allowed us to buy supplies for five new garden boxes. Sonoma County Youth Conservation Corps spent a week putting in irrigation and building the boxes. It is a work in progress, but the new boxes will give us fresh soil for planting. The young men also spent time removing crab grass from one of the older beds. THAT is a battle! They fought valiantly.

Frank Robertson Article in Sebastopol West News


Rainwater Collection!

A huge thank you to Oona Padget, and Joan for helping us procure and install a rainwater collection system in the garden. Every year we have summer water issues as the pipes at the school are maintained and we lose access to water while that is happening. We have also not been able to bring students to the garden when rain threatened because there was no covered area to retreat to when it began to rain. This installation solves both problems. Oona and Joan Weir received a grant allowing them to install water collection tanks at 8 schools this year and we were chosen as a recipient. On February..... a group of volunteers (Thank you to The Deering, Day, Morasch, Stoufer and Smith families for being there to literally "raise the roof". Jamie Daniels and Judy Whitelaw helped with other garden tasks. So excited that we were able to catch a good part of the rain that fell in the beginning of March and the tank is now filling. We will not have as many "garden emergencies" this summer. THANK YOU!


Sponsor and Donor Thanks

We want to thank all of our sponsors, but there are some special sponsors that donate every year. In order to acknowledge them for their continued support, we are putting up pickets in a new color for those who donate for a second year. We hope to continue the tradition with a new color for each year. Year 1, green, Year 2, yellow, Year 3, blue. Year 4??? We have also added purple commemorative pickets for those who want to donate in memory of. Donations can happen any time of the year.

$100 + and you get a picket in our fence

$400+ one time donation/grant gets you a flower

Our fence is growing! This year's color is blue.

Thank You!!!!


  • Thank you to Chris and Amy Ludwig of Grapevine catering for being our "Chef in the Garden" for the Spring Celebration 2013
  • Thank you to Daniel Kedan for being our "Chef in the Garden" for the Spring Celebration 2014
  • Thank you to Christa Luedke for being our "Chef in the Garden for the Spring Celebration 2015
  • Thank you to Korbel/ Chris Davelos for erecting our fences to protect the Luther Burbank Orchard and the whole garden.
  • Thank you to Clark Wolf for his unending support of the garden in ways too numerous to  list.
  • Thank you to Claire Odie last year's volunteer of the year for planting an olive grove for us.
  • Thank you to Ed Smith and Knud Mueller for their work on our environmental education site (clearing blackberries and poison oak
  • Thank you to Jim and Michelle Greule for using their "grinder" on more of the berry and poison oak
  • Thank you to all of our volunteers, and those who attend our events.

Contact Us

Richelle Stoufer can be reached at

Garden committee members are Joelene Morasch, Kate Wood, Jamie Daniels and Kari Johnson. They may be reached at their school emails. Kathy Smith is also a participating member.


Champions for Change

Many of our activities and recipes come from this website. You may be interested in taking a peek.

Champions for Change

Guerneville School at the National Heirloom Exposition

The fourth and fifth grade classes attended the National Heirloom Festival at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds last year. We are planning to go again this year. Guerneville School had a booth with samples of our heirloom tomatoes and sunflowers representing the Guerneville School Garden. This amazing festival was right in our backyard. Kids and parents had a wonderful time and learned a lot.National Heirloom Exposition

P1050346 - Version 2.JPG

GEO = Guerneville Education Outdoors

IMG_1271.jpgGuerneville School Garden is a sunny fenced area in one corner of five plus acres of undeveloped land. It is hard to believe that so much beautiful habitat can fit into such a small area. Blackberries have invaded, but there are paths that lead to seasonal stream beds under a redwood canopy. Stumps soar above the heads of even the tallest humans, left from the days when the whole valley was covered with a dark forest and loggers carved notches in the trees to reach a place they could use their saws. Apple trees, long left to fend for themselves suddenly appear in the path, covered with juicy red orbs even in November. If the kids are lucky enough to walk to the garden in the early morning, they may see deer bounding out of the way. In the evening, owls call from the tree-tops. For now, it is the place where first and second graders learn about habitats before their bigger adventures to Armstrong Woods. In the future, it can be our little piece of the bigger world, an outdoor classroom. For now, it makes the walk to the fenced garden an adventure through a secret garden of another sort.


Spring Garden Celebration 2016

We had a cooking demonstration by Chef Christopher Ludwick. He is co-owner of Earth’s Bounty Restaurant in Santa Rosa and Grapevine Catering along with his wife Amy. He is also executive chef at Village Inn in Monte Rio. Chris has cooked at our celebration before and his demonstration was amazing. It is our chance to let the public visit our beautiful Guerneville School Garden. The event will be hosted by Clark Wolf. We also had special guests Carmen Snyder, Executive director of Farm Trails, and Evan Wiig and Wendy Krupnic from the Farmers Guild. It was unseasonably cool and damp, but the rain only visited for a short time, and tarps kept us dry. Wonderful day. We honored Elaine Carlson who is retiring as principal with the Tammie Fraser Award, and Payton Tamayo as Gardener of the Year.

Spring Garden Celebration 2015 with Chef Christa Luedke

Spring Garden Celebration 2014