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Garden Calendar

Thank You Richelle!

Richelle, the garden coordinator, has accepted a new position at the high school level. She will be around campus as a parent and will continue to volunteer when time allows. We wish her all the best and truly thank her for all of her efforts and contributions to making the garden what it is today!


How Can I Help?

We welcome any and all volunteer help!  Please contact the school office if you have an interest in how you might get involved.

Here are just a few ways to be involved: 

  • Work in the garden 
  • Share a cooking skill with the kids and/or adults
  • Help chaperone class visits to the garden your child's class 
  • Participate in a work party and/or fundraisers                            

*Funding: Any and all donations to support our garden programming is appreciated and needed.  All donations are tax deductible. Checks can be made out to Guerneville School District (For: Guerneville Education Outdoors Program). 

Tammie Fraser Award

IMG 2751.JPG

Tammie Fraser's support in large part allowed us to build the garden we now have. We will miss seeing her at our Spring Celebrations. Her memory will live on in the Luther Burbank Orchard dedicated to her several years ago. She has touched many lives through the children who have learned to love the garden as she did.

At our spring Celebration 2014, we honored her memory with the first annual Tammie Fraser Award given to a person who has affected the lives of children in a positive way. (We gave the award to Clark Wolf...Tammie would have been happy with our choice.) 


Our 2015 recipient was Donna Roper, former Executive Director of River to Coast Children's Services and long time garden supporter.


IMG 1320.JPG

Our 2016 award went to Elaine Carlson. She has been a consistent supporter and retired this year as principal. She has shown a consistent commitment to the garden and the children of Guerneville School.


In 2017, we took the opportunity to honor our own Paula Green who gave much of her time and energy to creating a learning space for all of the students at Guerneville School. We joined in celebrating her and her life which she left too soon. She lost a brief battle with cancer at the beginning of this year.

Guerneville Education Outdoors Program

Guerneville Education Outdoors Is Growing!

A Message From Superintendent Pedersen:

As shared at Back To School Night and in the September Parent Newsletter, we are excited to announce that the Guerneville School District will be further extending gardening and outdoor science opportunities for all of our students (Preschool -8th Grade). Come Spring 2018, we will have a second outdoor classroom and garden space on campus. This teaching and experimental garden will be located next to our new playground and will be utilized during the instructional day. While enjoying the benefits of gardening, students will now have the same access to all of the campus amenities such as bathrooms, drinking fountains, sidewalks, first aid assistance, etc.

This second garden space will allow students safe, frequent access to the garden and lend itself to year round gardening exploration. As we construct this new space, refine our garden curriculum and further define our overall program goals this year, students may have pre-arranged opportunities to visit our existing garden space located nearby the campus. 


As we make this brief transition, be rest assured that our staff is committed more than ever to the Guerneville Education Outdoors Program. We are making every effort to provide engaging science and nutrition opportunities during this interim period. These powerful learning opportunities will continue to be provided by our fabulous classroom teachers and support staff.


If parents or community members have an interest in volunteering to support our expanding efforts, we would love and need your help.   Please contact the school office (707-869-2864). Stay tuned for more updates!  ~Dana Pedersen


P1050346 - Version 2.JPG


Sponsor and Donor Thanks

We want to thank all of our sponsors, but there are some special sponsors that donate every year. In order to acknowledge them for their continued support, we are putting up pickets in a new color for those who donate for a second year. We hope to continue the tradition with a new color for each year. Year 1, green, Year 2, yellow, Year 3, blue. Year 4 a bright light green. We have also added purple commemorative pickets for those who want to donate in memory of. Donations can happen any time of the year.

$100 + and you get a picket in our fence

$400+ one time donation/grant gets you a flower

IMG 1306.JPG
Our fence is growing! 

Thank You!!!!


  • Thank you to Chris and Amy Ludwig of Grapevine catering for being our "Chef in the Garden" for the Spring Celebration 2013
  • Thank you to Daniel Kedan for being our "Chef in the Garden" for the Spring Celebration 2014
  • Thank you to Christa Luedke for being our "Chef in the Garden" for the Spring Celebration 2015
  • Thank you again to Chris Ludwig for being our "Chef in the Garden" for the Spring Garden Celebration 2016
  • Thank you again to Daniel Kedan for being our "Chef in the Garden" for the Spring Garden Celebration 2017
  • Hmmm....Is that a pattern?
  • Thank you to Korbel/ Chris Davelos for erecting our fences to protect the Luther Burbank Orchard and the whole garden.
  • Thank you to Clark Wolf for his unending support of the garden in ways too numerous to list.
  • Thank you to Claire Odie for planting an olive grove for us.
  • Thank you to Ed Smith and Knud Mueller for their work on our environmental education site (clearing blackberries and poison oak)
  • Thank you to Jim and Michelle Greule for using their "grinder".
  • Thank you to all of our volunteers and those who attend our events.

Contact Us

Ask your child's teacher how they are involved in planning for the new space. 


Champions for Change

Many of our activities and recipes come from this website. You may be interested in taking a peek.

Champions for Change


Heirloom Expo 2017 Field Trip

Middle School started the school year off with an amazing field trip to the Sonoma County Fair Grounds.

Our Historical Garden

IMG 1271.jpgThe Guerneville School District owns five plus acres of undeveloped land, located nearby the campus. This is the home of the district's first and beloved garden.  The garden has been in development for the past 12 years by its caring school staff and devoted community members and donors. 


 It is hard to believe that so much beautiful habitat can fit into such a small area. Blackberries have invaded, but there are paths that lead to seasonal stream beds under a redwood canopy. Stumps soar above the heads of even the tallest humans, left from the days when the whole valley was covered with a dark forest and loggers carved notches in the trees to reach a place they could use their saws. Apple trees, long left to fend for themselves suddenly appear in the path, covered with juicy red orbs even in November. If the kids are lucky enough to walk to the garden in the early morning, they may see deer bounding out of the way. In the evening, owls call from the tree-tops. 

Spring Garden Celebration 2016

We had a cooking demonstration by Chef Christopher Ludwick. He is co-owner of Earth’s Bounty Restaurant in Santa Rosa and Grapevine Catering along with his wife Amy. He is also executive chef at Village Inn in Monte Rio. Chris has cooked at our celebration before and his demonstration was amazing. It is our chance to let the public visit our beautiful Guerneville School Garden. The event will be hosted by Clark Wolf. We also had special guests Carmen Snyder, Executive director of Farm Trails, and Evan Wiig and Wendy Krupnic from the Farmers Guild. It was unseasonably cool and damp, but the rain only visited for a short time, and tarps kept us dry. Wonderful day. We honored Elaine Carlson who is retiring as principal with the Tammie Fraser Award, and Payton Tamayo as Gardener of the Year.

Spring Garden Celebration 2015 with Chef Christa Luedke

Spring Garden Celebration 2014